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We are still collecting book covers for the rotating banner on the home page. If you have a book cover, the best way to get it to us is by visiting this form where you can upload your book cover file directly. We are happy to format it to the correct height and width (164hx108w), so upload the best quality file that you have. When in doubt, submit, as we keep track of when you have been featured and what title was last featured (so don't hesitate to send in book covers for any new books you have coming out). It goes without saying that your membership needs to be current for you to be featured in the rotation. Thanks!

Our Books and Other Advice

 Shameless Promotion for Brazen Hussies! More details about ordering the e-version or paperback version under the publications tab. 

We encourage you to keep your profile as up-to-date as possible.  Librarians use our member directory to search for authors. You can enhance your profile by adding a photo to it.  If you have a photo saved to your computer and you'd like to crop it so that is just a headshot (better for websites), let us suggest a nifty online service called  You can crop and then resize any photo that you upload so that is 150Wx200H (or even 200x200). Save the newly cropped photo to your desktop so it's easier to find when you go to upload it to our site.  Please use .jpg files when possible.

Publishers are always complaining that they don't know enough about authors. We've created an Author Fact Sheet for Publishers that you can complete and then send along to a prospective publisher. 

Videos from the SinC Into Great Writing Workshop 2011: Mapping the New World of Publishing.  

Marcia Talley: Look Ma! I've Been Kindled!

Marcia Talley's tutorial on publishing your manuscript through Kindle or Nook breaks down the process into an easy to follow sequence that will help you produce a clean and professional e-book. Includes formatting tips and tricks, advice on what you need to set up your payment settings, and even a handy tip on how to get a free ISBN number!

Click here to get Marcia's whole presentation.

Meg Gardiner: Lying for a Living

Award-winning author of the Evan Delaney thriller novels, Meg Gardiner speaks to aspiring authors about author craft and key elements of a good read, principally a compelling main character and the big idea. She also discusses the importance of planning and all that goes into the process of writing: brainstorming, writing/rewriting, and using trustworthy people as a sounding board. Also covered are editors, writers groups, agents, reviewers and critics!


Ellen Hart: Epublishing 101

Ellen Hart gives a great introduction on the basics of what you need to epublish your own novel. She goes over the issue of rights, scanning, formatting, the importance of a new book cover, how to get eISBNs at an affordable price, metadata and why it is important, and lastly pricing. A must see for those of you taking your first steps in this realm.


Libby Fischer Hellmann: To E or not to E

So much information is packed into Libby Fischer Hellmann's presentation about the pros and cons of traditional and e-publishing, highlighting the changes in the publishing world, and giving out sources to stay on top of these changes. She wraps it up with a great Q&A session.


David Wilk: Trends in Publishing

Touching on e-publishing and traditional publishing, Booktrix CEO David Wilk's presentation is a great eye-opener for those of you interested in publishing your own writing. He touches on being connected with social media, specific companies to look at for e-publishing support, pricing considerations, planning, Amazon, what is best to epublish and why e-publishing is generally a good thing for authors.


The Business of Print Publishing

Cathy Pickens and Jim Huang give an overview of the business side of print publishing, detailing the positives of a traditional small press, the importance of knowing what its access to the market is, and what terms of sale it offers to bookstores. During the Q&A session, three topics are discussed: (1) how you can buy ebooks at your favorite independent bookstore, (2) the different arrangements that libraries use to lend ebooks; (3) what ebook format will become the standard in the industry.


Brazen Hussies Present: A Colloquium on Marketing
Marcia Talley introduces three industry pros all offering different non-traditional models for success in the publishing world. Libby Jordan, Marketing Consultant for Open Road Media. Gina Panettieri, President and Executive Editor of Talcott Notch Literary Services. Debbi Mack, independently published author who has made the NYTimes E-book bestseller list. All three highlight the need for using the creative use of marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and author websites. Fascinating session to be watched and mined for good ideas!



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